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America First

America first, and unashamedly so. Just like France should be first for the French and Hungary should be first for the Hungarians. Hard-earned tax dollars need to stay in this country benefiting our families, infrastructure, and critical healthcare and security needs. 

    • National Security:

We currently face the greatest superpower threat this world has ever seen in the Chinese Communist Party, and we must ensure we are able to compete against new forms of attack, such as biological weaponization, genetic warfare and cybersecurity. Focusing on many of the priorities below will strengthen our national security apparatus.

      • Secure DNA databases within the U.S. to prevent the sale/transfer of American DNA information which could be used to make targeted biological weapons and viruses against our people
      • Back legislation allowing American Citizens to sue foreign countries in federal court, including China, for obfuscating and worsening the COVID-19 pandemic
      • Restore and ramp up the U.S. mineral and pharmaceutical supply chain  by supporting a strong domestic mining industry to stop dependence on China, or work with other free partner countries around the world to provide these minerals to the U.S. in exchange for U.S assistance
      • Close the Southern Border to non-TN and other legal visa holders citing National Security risks from the flood of unvetted, and unknown illegal immigrants
      • Fiercely oppose socialist/communist encroachments on our liberties. Extreme Executive Orders and lax voting requirements could lead to the same outcome.  We need to stay vigilant.

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    • Election Integrity:

      • National voter ID tied to verified U.S. Citizenship
      • Expansion of voting locales to be more like Antrim county, Michigan-style small voting venues capped at 15,000 people per venue. This will ensure local voters can immediately notice discrepancies in the voting tally that do not align with their communities and stop the chaos at large venues. More venues with less people will also prevent long lines and do away with the need for eating and drinking while waiting to vote
      • Hand counted ballots and tallying overseen by sworn-in Americans and the National Guard
      • Auditable paper ballots
      • Eliminate ‘no excuse’ absentee voting
      • Eliminate ballot harvesting
      • Back proposed Constitutional Amendment to prohibit delivery of an absentee ballot to anyone not submitting a notarized and witnessed application

    • Targeted Immigration-not extremist views from both sides:

Targeted, legal Immigration is a key strategy in keeping America great. In my heart, I believe the majority of Americans will always support immigration and welcome those into our country who come legally and genuinely want to contribute to the growth, culture and prosperity of the nation. Unfortunately, Americans have come to realize that Immigration is being used by unscrupulous politicians and organizations to expand their voter base. Just as dangerously, those who would espouse stopping all legal immigration are either purposely misleading or are woefully ignorant of critical information regarding how immigration benefits the U.S. Several factors exist which make curtailing legal immigration unrealistic:

  • Free Market Demand. High-skilled talent is international and employers will hire the candidate they want-one way or another. If they are not able to hire them on advanced U.S. visas, they will send them outside the U.S. to work from either their home country or a 3rd party country using a global employer of record. This will lead to loss of state and federal tax dollars that could have been spent in the U.S.
  • University foreign student admissions. Contrary to those who believe immigration means importing foreign talent, the majority of folks on work visas are already in the U.S. as foreign students who then have their status changed over to a work visa without ever having to leave the U.S.  Foreign student admissions and high foreign tuition rates support local economies and allows universities to be competitive which makes cutting off foreign student access unlikely.
  • Strategically, we need to add the best minds in the world to our American professionals to remain competitive and give our country a tactical advantage over others who will attract the foreign talent the U.S. would have claimed. 

With these realities in mind, we need to focus on what is possible:

      • Border security and advanced visa status expiration tracking preventing overstays in the U.S.
      • Tying employment-based immigration to federal unemployment numbers. Pause all new visas and Green Card filings when unemployment reaches 6% until unemployment drops again. Trump-era National Interest Exemptions would kick in for critical hires focused on work in the national interest and entrepreneurs who can guarantee hiring at least 100 American workers within 6 months of getting an Economic Recovery Entrepreneur Visa to help boost economic growth.
      • Eliminate the two-year 212(e) home residency requirement for Fulbright scholars so talented U.S.-trained researchers can remain in the U.S. without having to go back home for 24 months
      • Expand the Underserved Area National Interest Waiver Green Card to allow non-clinical healthcare occupations (dentists, chiropractors, podiatrists, optometrists) to flow into our Medically Underserved/Health Professional Shortage Areas to help struggling Americans in poverty stricken locales
      • Revise the Diversity Visa (Lottery) program to become a program for political dissidents/political refugees who want to come to the U.S. because they value free speech and open dialogue. People who have lived under oppression and tyranny know the value of freedom and can energize our strong constitutional promises
      • Meet with leaders in Michigan’s agriculture, restaurant and hotel services to discuss how we can attract more American workers to these industries instead of expanding seasonal work visas. It isn’t the foreign scientists, doctors and businessmen who are coming across the border….High Skilled Immigration has always been the standard way to come into the U.S. A focus on low skilled immigration is what will hault the flood of migrants into the U.S. We need to get to the core of why American high school students, trade school entrants, community college students and welfare recipients are unable to take these jobs either for pay or college/trade school credit.
    • Cradle-to-Grave America First Policies.

      • Pro-Life proponent.  No tax-payer funding of abortions
      • Encourage and create incentives for students to go into high-skilled trades and apprenticeships.  Students say they want to keep from getting ‘dirty,’ but the trades are not what they used to be and require much more advanced technological and computer skills.  This need will only continue to evolve.
      • Stop sending U.S. taxpayer money to Central America.  The money never goes to development programs but to corrupt politicians.
      • Smart investment in Infrastructure. Construction in Michigan does not have to take place every summer.  This is a waste of resources and happens because workers are either not adequately trained on how to build or fix roads, or are using substandard materials. The best engineering minds in America can partner with consultants from foreign countries who are used to severe winters to make road construction a once-in-a-decade reality.
      • Investment in initiates that benefit Michigan, like the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and PFAS cleanup of toxins in our drinking water, with focus on and oversight into where the federal tax dollars are being spent, how many jobs are being created in Michigan, clear metrics, and project alignment with mission statement
      • Revive and encourage President George HW Bush’s ‘Thousand Points of Light’ initiative to help community organizations provide needed services to Americans in exchange for massive tax deductions, such as:
        • low-cost/free medical and dental care to retirees and the uninsured/underinsured.
        • programs geared toward middle school students to help them make good choices, particularly targeted at preventing unwanted pregnancies by hosting conversations about how the majority of abortions can be prevented by contraception and advance planning. It’s time for ‘get-real’ conversations about this important issue and time for government to step out of the business that should be done by civic, religious and charitable organizations

Maximum Civil Liberties and Limited Government

What has become all too clear during the time of COVID is that government is far too powerful, and power-hungry elected officials do not easily relinquish rights back to the people once they have taken them away. We must fight to secure and protect our rights given by God (and temporarily granted to elected officials through the ballot box).  Private companies must never be able to get away with doing what the founding fathers forbade government to do: primarily, censoring our speech-especially at the request/knowledge/direction of government officials.

  • Daily social media censorship fines, particularly for political speech, when social medial companies limit/remove political expression
  • Social media Bill of Rights to include ownership of all posts, photos, likes, comments, etc., prohibited selling of identity, etc., automatic opt-out unless ‘opt in’, right to know who is viewing each person’s profile and data
  • Repeal Section 230 protections from social media platforms or make them all ‘common carriers’ like the telephone companies effectively preventing their ability to cut off communication
  • Required publication of names/contact information of all politicians or governmental actors who contact social media networks seeking removal of political speech
  • Undertake Due Process and Constitutional review of probate court guardianship and conservatorship processes to protect individual freedoms which include the following safeguards:
    • Mandatory interviews of all family members of alleged Incapacitated person
    • Exclusion of legal players (judges, Guardians ad Litem, counsel) from hearing/arguing such cases when those stakeholders sit on hospital boards or conduct business with entities involved in the process
    • Reasonable time frames set in writing to acquire back 100% personal and financial autonomy
  • Maximum 2nd Amendment gun rights with conceal carry reciprocity between the states
  • Pandemic/Crisis Management planning with buy-in from the American people to include data-specific transparent metrics and constitutional protections targeted to each level of Supreme-court based review (strict scrutiny, intermediate scrutiny, etc.) for future threats both man-made and natural. 
  • Term limits are great; let’s start with setting them for unelected bureaucrats first. Our Founding Fathers (The Federalist Papers, No. 53: Madison) realized the importance of Representatives gaining some experience while serving in Congress to familiarize themselves with laws of various states and various countries, but congressional term limits should be implemented to allow for new representatives and perspectives
  • Optional funding for PBS through the mechanism we have now for voluntary Presidential campaign contributions via our tax forms

Transparency in Representation

Forming bonds with good American-loving citizens is something I enjoy, as well as debating, teaching and discussing important issues.  Transparency in representation is not something one should strive to do; it is a duty one must fulfill. Here is how I envision openness with the citizens who elect me:

  • Calling for ‘Single-Subject/Single-Issue’ bills to be introduced in Congress, or a public roll call and public vote on individual provisions of omnibus bills
  • Polling on social media and secure polling platforms to gage constituent feedback on proposed legislation
  • Calling for bills to be posted publicly for 2 weeks ahead of voting
  • Holding quarterly, live town halls, as a part of protected political speech. I will make do with Zoom calls when necessary, but there is no replacing a good handshake and look in the eye. Political speech and gatherings should always be protected
  • Social media accounts for both political debate, as well as sharing the enjoyment of life
  • Visits to my congressional office
  • Thank YOU parties and fundraisers to strengthen the personal connection
  • Vast availability for speeches and luncheons
  • Weekends in Michigan to stay centered in the community

Core Values

1. Working across the aisle

I can fight with other politicians for free on Twitter without being sent to Washington. Elected officials are sent to Washington to get things done and find common ground. While I am committed to working across the aisle (as President Reagan said, those who vote with me 80% of the time are my friends-not my enemies), protecting the constitution and inalienable civil liberties comes first before consensus. 

2. Impact

The greatest compliment I could receive is your vote again in 2 years. I will know I am successful when most people I meet in person come up and tell me their lives are better now than they were two years ago and see a way in which it could be even more prosperous in the future.

3. Creative Conservatism

As I tell my daughter, questions always come before the answers.  I am not afraid of asking “why not” and ‘what if’ when thinking of imaginative ways to solve complex problems.  For me personally, staying grounded in our cherished historical books and teachings serve as life lessons and provide infinite ways to tackle both personal and professional challenges.

4. Respect for your time and your vote

Representative government means representing the will of the people who elected you-period. This is the best way to ensure the greatest social compact ever created between the government and the people-the U.S. Constitution-is respected. When votes of conscience are taken, they should be done first with vigorous input from the community and with the realization that it may mean your career representing the people is over. I believe in debating issues with the people who send me to do the job and listening to all points of view before casting a vote in Congress. I also believe in the art of persuasion-both from the constituents to the elected official and vice versa, as we all have vast experiences and can learn sharing our views with one another.

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